Who are we


For a very long time, we had felt there was a need for all of us, the old and the new, to get together and share a few cuttings of chai.


We had been waiting for just the perfect moment, the perfect blend, and the perfect taste to arrive.


Thus, five of us alumni, when we met, wondered “why just five cuttings?” We could perhaps share a dozen. Even a hundred wouldn't be too far-fetched.


What are we doing

Rainbow, shadetree


It took 7 colors and a million raindrops to make that picture,we call a rainbow.


We come from different areas of the industry, play different roles at work, belong to diverse age groups, even graduated in different years, but there’s one thing that unites us: our institute.

Join Us 

           United we stand,            


Divided we're history ....Tremendous amount of energy, time and effort has gone into bringing about a reunion through this Website.


We would like to to stay connected via this website and participate.

  Reading Corner 
   Raise the level of the lake and all boats will rise

We ask for a little bit of help from you, please share your learnings with everyone on the blog. There are loads of articles, research papers and PPTs for you to read.


We will also post jobs on the blog.

Join the Org Team

The team believes that intention is a good start but action is what makes the cut. If you want to be a part of this “action team” send us an email.



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