A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.

 - Grace Pulpit


And sometimes that friend needs to be you. 




Given the trickle of opportunities in the present landscape, it's far easier to become frustrated for fresh buds coming out of our institute.

A helping hand can raise their morale to new highs.


For starters, these buds are the flowers of the future, and for them to blossom, the right amounts of water and nutrition must be made available.


How do we plan on playing the nutritionist?


It's simple.


All you really need to do is relay the torch you were once given by your mentors.  Without the support of all senior alumni members this initiative holds no ground.  Your willingness to help out with mock interviews, huddle questions, or even just being around can do a lot for these buds.


Please Join Us


We request you to sign-up on the blog page. We have loads of articles, research papers and jobs for you on the blog page.


Join the Org Team

The team believes that intention is a good start but action is what makes the cut. If you want to be a part of this “action team” send us an email.



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