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Prepare for the
corporate world


Interaction and teamwork are the pillars of the Corporate World. 


Together we will work to solve various practice-based problems and groom our next “career corporate batch” to apply these learnings in the professional world.


The idea is to gear the students to meet the requirements of the industry and mentor the next batch of proud Alumni.

Meet and learn -
two hour sessions 


Our Meet and Learn sessions are intended to provide a powerful, infectious model of interaction to keep abreast of the current industry trends and practices.


In these sessions professionals will share the best practices and clarify the points of bafflement, thereby enhancing peer-peer interaction.

Build your skills
- full day sessions


Build your Skills sessions are intended to achieve transfer of skills, enhance conceptual clarity and facilitate self learning. 


If you’re looking to find comfort and camaraderie in your Alma-mater, let’s brainstorm together to feed our need for result oriented and decisive input.

Join the Org Team

The team believes that intention is a good start but action is what makes the cut. If you want to be a part of this “action team” send us an email.



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